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What the MORE bill means and how it will affect you

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Person Holding Green Cannabis - KAYA Cannabis Packaging

A bill in Congress could end federal marijuana prohibition and help the people most affected by the drug war. Officially, it’s called the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) bill and if passed, could affect millions of Americans.

The MORE bill explained:

The MORE bill was approved by a congressional committee for an official vote by Congress. Its main components are explained below to help further your understanding of this legislation and how it could affect you.

The MORE bill aims:

  • To federally deschedule cannabis: Deschedule can be a misleading word, because we most commonly associate it with a calendar schedule. However, in this case, schedule, or deschedule, is referring to drug classification.

Currently, cannabis is a Schedule I drug, like heroin and meth. Schedule I drugs are not accepted for medical uses and are seen as highly potential for abuse. As a Schedule I drug, researchers are legally restricted from researching cannabis.

This bill is aimed at placing cannabis in a different schedule, where its effects on medicinal and recreational can be better studied.  

  • To provide expungement and resentencing relief: This section of the bill is to help people with marijuana-related convictions who continue to face overwhelming barriers to employment, education and housing.

The hope here is that those who struggle to find employment and housing due to their record, will have greater access to jobs without the felony charge.

  • To impose a five percent federal tax on marijuana sales to support investments in communities most harmed by the drug war: A federal tax on marijuana purchases will be used to rebuild the communities most affected by the drug war. How and when is yet to be defined.
  • To protect immigrants from being denied citizenship over cannabis: Immigrants hoping to make the U.S. their permanent home won’t be denied citizenship based on their cannabis usage.
  • To prevent federal agencies from denying immigrants of public benefits or security clearance due to its use: Immigrants will have access to federal public benefits, even if they’ve used marijuana. Also note that Federal benefits are only offered to legal immigrants, not undocumented immigrants. Each state offers their own set of rules and benefits.

If this bill is approved, it would affect the millions of Americans with marijuana-related convictions and their families.

What’s Next for the MORE Bill?

While it’s historic for a congressional committee to approve a federal marijuana bill, the proposed legislation still has a way to go before becoming law. The next step is for a vote by all of Congress, which should happen before the current congress session ends in January 2021.

Many will closely watch the MORE Bill’s progress through Congress.

Come see us at MJBizCon l December 11-13 2019 Las Vegas

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Come see Kaya Cannabis Packaging at Las Vegas MJ Bizcon, Cannabis Packaging Convention

Kaya Packaging is exhibiting at the popular MJBizCon in Las Vegas this week. We will be showcasing our higher standard cannabis packaging along with new products such as glass packaging and labeling services. We are exhibiting at booth C8939 in Central Hall of the Las Angeles Convention Center.


MJBizcon takes place December 11 to 13, 2019, during MJBizCon Week where industry leaders converge to mindshare on trends, rules and regulations, and innovation. Kaya Packaging is proud to be a higher standard in cannabis packaging solutions, ensuring to provide growers, dispensaries, and other cannabis related businesses the compliant and certified packaging they need to only meet their business’s needs but also help them thrive and grow.


Follow the hashtag #MJBizCon to track and engage on conversations happening on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on Instagram @kayapackaging and Twitter @kaya_packaging to engage with us while we’re at the conference and get behind-the-scenes footage and info live.


We welcome attendees seeking a premium packaging solution for cannabis products to visit Booth C8939 where they can connect with representatives, Noam Temkin and Matt Mardo. Our diverse portfolio of customizable packaging includes child guard exit bags, bud bags, grower bags, resealable bags, and tamper-evident bags.


Email Matt@KayaPackaging.com to schedule a meeting with them at the MJBizcon today!

Is CBD Saving Retail? CBD Packaging

Is CBD Saving Retail?

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CBD products are gaining distribution at traditional retailers, including three of America’s largest drugstore chains. Consumers visiting CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid can add CBD-infused topical products to their shopping baskets, along with the usual items on their shopping list.

However, drugstores aren’t selling edibles yet. CVS official, Joe Goode, stated that while they aren’t selling CBD supplements or food additives, they are working with product manufacturers that meet quality standards.

For now, find the following CBD-infused products at select retailers:

  • Creams
  • Sprays
  • Roll-ons
  • Lotions
  • Salves

Consumers seeking edibles will still need to visit local dispensaries.

We’ll see how long that lasts, as traditional retailers recognize that cannabis products are a winning ticket. By 2025, the CBD market is predicted to exceed $16 billion, according to research shared by Forbes.

CBD Products are Revitalizing Retail

As cannabis is legalized in more states, the amount of brick-and-mortar retail chains selling CBD products will grow. That growth will benefit both consumers, who say that convenience of location is crucial to where they buy, and retailers, who need the revenue.

Traditional retailers who are struggling to protect their business model from online sales, are looking to cannabis products. Just last year, Cannabis Dispensaries hired more than 121,000 full-time workers, while in 2018, U.S. retailers lost 99,000 jobs and continue to cut jobs in 2019,

Spending at cannabis dispensaries increased to more than $10.5 billion, while big-name retail chains like Sears and Toys R Us filed bankruptcy.  The sales numbers are predicted to grow even more – worldwide spending is forecast to grow 39.1% to $17 Billion in 2019.

The Future is Bright

The future of CBD products in retail is bright. Ironically, it’s the states’ regulations and the federal government deeming cannabis illegal that has helped to create a climate where cannabis sales thrive at brick-and-mortar locations.

If you are wondering where CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are offering CBD-infused products, see the list below.

Where to find CBD-selling drugstores, by state:

  • Alabama (CVS)
  • California (CVS)
  • Colorado (CVS, Walgreens)
  • Illinois (CVS, Walgreens)
  • Indiana (CVS, Walgreens)
  • Kentucky (CVS, Walgreens)
  • Maryland (CVS)
  • New Mexico (Walgreens)
  • Oregon (Walgreens, Rite Aid)
  • South Carolina (Walgreens)
  • Tennessee (CVS, Walgreens)
  • Vermont (Walgreens)
  • Washington (Rite Aid)


Are you seeing CBD products in stores near you?

How to Market to Men & Women in the CBD and THC Space, CBD and THC Packaging

How to Market to Men & Women in the CBD and THC Space

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Carina Chaz, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who launched a successful beauty business, focuses on healthy living. Her health routine includes using Cann  abis. Chaz is one of many women who prefer cannabis products that include THC. However, most Cannabis brands operating in the THC space market their products to men, while CBD brands target women.


A quick review of CBD vs. THC

CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in the plant, cannabis. It’s linked to relieve anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. CBD does not cause a “high,” which is why some people prefer it.


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also found in cannabis. It’s the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes people to feel “high”. Most CBD products have removed the THC, while cannabis in its whole form includes both CBD and THC.


Are Women interested in THC products?

Women are using CBD products for their calming and nonpsychedelic properties. Just ask celebrity Kristen Bell, who uses CBD to manager her mental health, and Melissa McCarthy who applies CBD oil to help manage pain.  Yet, research shows that women are also using THC cannabis products.


One report, by BDS Analytics, found that few consumers use cannabis for a single purpose. Among people using cannabis for pain management, 73 percent of them also enjoy marijuana for recreational and social reasons.


Another report by Headset found that men buy only 5% more cannabis than women. Even with numbers showing women’s support, Cannabis brands in the THC space often overlook them and market to a male audience. Part of this is due to the stigma around women using cannabis, but groups and online publications, like Nice Paper, are working to dispel myths and misinformation shaming cannabis.

Kaya - Custom Cannabis Packaging

Women using Cannabis in the THC space

Celebrity Stella Santana, daughter of Santana, recently shared her cannabis preferences in an interview with Nice Paper. Santana said her favorite way to use cannabis is with the besito pen.

Nice Paper features interviews with other women, like entrepreneur Chaz, to de-stigmatize women using cannabis.

Why is THC marketed to men and not women?

One contributing factor to the misrepresentation in marketing could be the lack of representation in the male-dominant leadership of the Cannabis industry.  Despite the success of CBD-products with women and, only 27 percent of cannabis companies have women in executive positions.


Another contributing factor is the current federal regulations. Cannabis companies are continually breaking new ground in retail as legalization moves forward. It’s a lot easier to break into a new market with CBD products when marijuana is still stigmatized.


As the CBD market grows, it will pave the way for THC brands to target all genders.

Meet Kaya Packaging at the CWCB Expo in Los Angeles

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Kaya Packaging is thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles, a conference designed to connect industry leaders to discuss strategies for long-term growth in the space once the hype of the Green Rush has faded. Kaya Packaging is a brand that prides itself on staying ahead of the pack when it comes to trends and regulations in the B2B cannabis space. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, the industry’s year-over-year growth on a local level has been remarkable. As we look to the future, though, there is much speculation about how operators in the cannabis space can effectively scale their businesses—especially with the possibility of federal legalization on the horizon.

With over 35 years of experience in domestic manufacturing, Kaya has made its mark on the industry by providing safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient packaging options. Kaya welcomes attendees seeking a premium packaging solution for cannabis products to visit Booth 628 where they can connect with representatives, TJ Harnden and Matt Mardo. Our diverse portfolio of customizable packaging includes child guard exit bags, bud bags, grower bags, resealable bags, and tamper-evident bags. We will also be offering a limited-time promotion where vendors can receive 10% off the price of our grower bags with the offer code LAEXPO10* when purchasing on the Kaya Packaging website.

Email TJ@KayaPackaging.com or Matt@KayaPackaging.com to schedule a meeting with them at the CWCB Expo today!

*Redemption code only valid for single use. Must be used by September 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm PST. Must be redeemed on www.KayaPackaging.com

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Dude Weed Leaf

Who is my Cannabis Consumer?

Take a look around you. Can you point out who is the cannabis consumer? Are you looking for a slouchy, unkempt, lackadaisical youth with a cheesy grin and glazed over eyeballs? Look again. Databases like Headset and BDS Analytics have been compiling the stats, and the results may
surprise you.
Turns out most cannabis users’ lifestyles are very healthy and active with a nod to outdoor activities. These individuals are quite satisfied with life and happy with their accomplishments. This doesn’t sound like the laid-back, going nowhere, stereotypical ‘stoner’ we recall from our high school days. In fact the average cannabis user is:
         • Under 40 years old
         • Married with children
         • Creative and social
         • Bringing in an average of $75K per year
Turns out these folks are everywhere. And they look pretty normal. In fact the average cannabis customer is not what you might expect. They are just your average DUDE!
peace weed, leaf logo
“Cannabis consumers are far removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them,” said Linda Gilbert, head of the consumer research division at BDS Analytics.“In fact, positive lifestyle indicators like volunteering, socializing, satisfaction with life and enjoyment of exercise and the outdoors are highest among cannabis consumers, at least in Colorado and California.”

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Everyone has heard the old adage “don’t judge a book
by its cover.” And yet, books with terrible covers
continue to be overlooked.
For the cannabis industry, packaging is the equivalent of
a book cover. It will have a significant impact on a
customer’s decision to purchase.

In an interview with Packaging Digest, Gabrielle Rein, chief
creative officer at Toast™, said, “Shelf appeal is a major
concern for any CPG. We want the product to sell! Customers
consistently enter the store and are immediately drawn
to Toast due to the beautiful packaging, which stands out
on the shelf along with the custom-designed store
Toast™ launched in Colorado in February of this year. The
luxury design of its packaging quickly captured attention,
but it’s not the first company to adopt a luxury look.

Luxury packaging is definitely the current trend in the cannabis industry. Brands like Blooms Farms, Lord Jones, and Beboe sport luxury looks that help them stand out from competition.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow,
luxury brands are helping change the stoner
persona that is often associated with cannabis.
Many brands emphasize the importance of
responsible consumption and feature child-resistant

Following the luxury-packaging trend will not guarantee your product will be sold, just
like a good cover does not guarantee a book will be read. But it will always be important
to have unique packaging that helps your brand get noticed.