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Everyone has heard the old adage “don’t judge a book
by its cover.” And yet, books with terrible covers
continue to be overlooked.
For the cannabis industry, packaging is the equivalent of
a book cover. It will have a significant impact on a
customer’s decision to purchase.

In an interview with Packaging Digest, Gabrielle Rein, chief
creative officer at Toast™, said, “Shelf appeal is a major
concern for any CPG. We want the product to sell! Customers
consistently enter the store and are immediately drawn
to Toast due to the beautiful packaging, which stands out
on the shelf along with the custom-designed store
Toast™ launched in Colorado in February of this year. The
luxury design of its packaging quickly captured attention,
but it’s not the first company to adopt a luxury look.

Luxury packaging is definitely the current trend in the cannabis industry. Brands like Blooms Farms, Lord Jones, and Beboe sport luxury looks that help them stand out from competition.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow,
luxury brands are helping change the stoner
persona that is often associated with cannabis.
Many brands emphasize the importance of
responsible consumption and feature child-resistant

Following the luxury-packaging trend will not guarantee your product will be sold, just
like a good cover does not guarantee a book will be read. But it will always be important
to have unique packaging that helps your brand get noticed.


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